Fitzgerald’s 1928: Hollywood’s First Choices

Hollywood Choices

Marlon Brando was offered the lead role in Lawrence of Arabia before Peter O’Toole.  Jack Nicholson turned down both the Brando and Martin Sheen parts in Apocalypse Now; Sheen was way down on a list of candidates that included Steve McQueen and Harvey Keitel. Meryl Streep and Goldie Hawn were the original Thelma and Louise.  Barbra Streisand was an early choice for Sophie’s Choice,  which brought Streep an academy award.  

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Box of Light: Fitzgerald’s 1928


Let there be light. Everything in life is a production. Sometimes making something happen depends on someone who remains invisible.

Meet Glen Ridge resident and Lighting Designer, Jill Nagle. Thanks to lighting by Jill, I saw five plays at the remarkable New Jersey Repertory Company in Long Branch before she became visible to me, and before I learned at a post-show reception that she lives in town.  We continued the conversation on another day at a high table beneath the gentle lighting at Fitzgerald’s 1928. 

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The Most Remarkable Play of the Year

Ray 1 blog

“The most remarkable play of the year” – sounds like a theater review – and there is definitely theater in it – but this play lasted no more than 30 seconds, and very likely nothing like it has ever been seen before, and very likely will never be seen again.

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