Fitzgerald’s 1928: Next Stop Yankee Stadium

Road Trip

Hall of Famer Rogers Hornsby, when asked what he did in winter when there was no baseball, famously quipped that he stared out the window and waited for spring. 

Avid fans who choose to while away the empty months by reading about the sport should really pick up our latest addition to the Fitzgerald’s 1928 Writers’ Bookshelf:  “I Don’t Care If We Never Get Back – 30 Games in 30 Days on the Best Worst Baseball Road Trip Ever.”  

The trip began with a meal at Fitzgerald’s 1928. 

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Box of Light: Fitzgerald’s 1928


Let there be light. Everything in life is a production. Sometimes making something happen depends on someone who remains invisible.

Meet Glen Ridge resident and Lighting Designer, Jill Nagle. Thanks to lighting by Jill, I saw five plays at the remarkable New Jersey Repertory Company in Long Branch before she became visible to me, and before I learned at a post-show reception that she lives in town.  We continued the conversation on another day at a high table beneath the gentle lighting at Fitzgerald’s 1928. 

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The Most Remarkable Play of the Year

Ray 1 blog

“The most remarkable play of the year” – sounds like a theater review – and there is definitely theater in it – but this play lasted no more than 30 seconds, and very likely nothing like it has ever been seen before, and very likely will never be seen again.

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Fitzgerald’s 1928: Railroads, Gas Lamps, Bluestone Sidewalks

GR Historical2

I dare you to walk past the Boiling Springs Savings Bank on the corner of Ridgewood and Darwin without looking up at the second floor window of the new location for the Glen Ridge Historical Society.

History is intensely personal, as Town Historian Sally Meyer reminds us.  Prove it to yourself by asking her to show you the folder on your house where you will find original photographs, the date of the first water hookup, hand-written memories going back in time by resident families, and more.

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Fitzgerald’s 1928: Food for Thought

Write Group Image

We all know some of the best things in life are free, but it’s rare to encounter an organization so completely dedicated to that idea. If you are a writer, or an aspiring writer, or just someone with a story to tell (which is everyone) and you don’t know about The Write Group of Montclair, don’t stop reading now.                  

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Fitzgerald’s 1928: the Table Next to You


You never know who’s sitting at the table next to you.

Take John Wooten, a Glen Ridge resident for four years – playwright, director, teacher of Playwriting, Acting as a Profession, and Inside TV, resident director for a screenwriting competition sponsored by the International Emmy Awards, and his day job – Producing Artistic Director at Kean University’s Premiere Stages.

Plays written by John have been produced Off-Broadway, in England, Australia, Canada, India, Ireland, Serbia, South Africa, and in thirty-eight states across America.  His film Cat in the Pan premiered at the Montreal Film Festival and has been seen in festivals across North America.  

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Fitzgerald’s 1928: It’s a Place with History


On the back wall of Fitzgerald’s 1928 you can find a photograph of two Olympic runners in a heated race, their faces contorted, full of concentration.   The face of the lead runner belongs to Horace Ashenfelter, perhaps the best known resident of Glen Ridge, the New Jersey town where Fitzgerald’s is located, and whose history its walls celebrate.

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