Fitzgerald’s 1928: Next Stop Yankee Stadium

Road Trip

Hall of Famer Rogers Hornsby, when asked what he did in winter when there was no baseball, famously quipped that he stared out the window and waited for spring. 

Avid fans who choose to while away the empty months by reading about the sport should really pick up our latest addition to the Fitzgerald’s 1928 Writers’ Bookshelf:  “I Don’t Care If We Never Get Back – 30 Games in 30 Days on the Best Worst Baseball Road Trip Ever.”  

The trip began with a meal at Fitzgerald’s 1928. 

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Fitzgerald’s 1928: Everything Old is New

George Kirsch2

A man came up to me with a book in his hands.

I had just stepped off the field at historic New Bridge Landing after playing a vintage baseball game – no gloves, 1864 rules.  I have my own books to sell so I know how it feels to share work into which you’ve put your soul.  But I could not talk.  I was rushing to an old-style daguerreotype team photo where the pose has to be held for ten minutes.  After that, I could not find him anywhere.   That book is the newest addition to the Fitzgerald’s 1928 Writers’ Bookshelf. 

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Introducing the Fitzgerald’s 1928 Writers’ Bookshelf


What better way to introduce the Fitzgerald’s 1928 Writers’ Bookshelf than with a book that is itself an entire bookshelf?  Montclair resident Ron Kaplan is the author of 501 Baseball Books Fans Must Read Before They Die.

I’m a pretty avid baseball reader, but I couldn’t lay claim to more than 10% of the books he describes with wit and intelligence.  I hope that means a long life for me, because I’ll need it to get to the new stack of volumes on my must-read list after paging through his.      

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