Fitzgerald’s 1928: Famous Drinks of Fictional Characters

Famous Drinks

Don Draper drinks an Old Fashioned.  James Bond – a Martini famously “shaken, not stirred.”  The Dude in The Big Lebowski introduced us to the White Russian and Carrie Bradshaw made the Cosmopolitan the drink of choice for many.  Help us out here.  Name a fictional character – book, movie, TV, song – and his or her favorite drink.

 With Mad Men returning tonight, I learned from Steve, one of two bartenders at Fitzgeralds’s 1928 – the other is the lovely Marisa – that the Old Fashioned is a very popular drink today.  He also told me that drinkers used to specify Vodka Martini to emulate 007 when the standard was Gin, but no more – Vodka is the new standard. 

 Fitzgerald’s has a Happy Hour seven days a week, from 5-7PM where you can continue this conversation with Steve and Marisa and many of the town’s real characters, spinning fictions and telling heartfelt stories.

See you there.     

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  1. There is an old fashioned drink called a ” VO Manhattan straight up not stirred ” that my father always drank (not that my father always drank). A lot of people have been seen in other fine drinking establishments drinking them today …

    1. Pleasure to make the acquaintance of Mr. Martin at the bar as he was making the above reply and another on his iPhone.

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