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Glen Ridge is a town with distinctive buildings.  Within 50 yards of Fitzgerald’s 1928 – a restaurant with its cornerstone in its name – stands the library. The two buildings have this in common:  they are community meeting places dedicated to nourishing us.

Consider this: if you have a book club, the Glen Ridge Library will collect as many copies of your chosen book as you need and Fitzgerald’s 1928 will host a special prix fixe dinner for your monthly meeting as long as each member shows up book in hand.

Meet Jennifer Breuer.  Book clubs are only one of the things she thinks about.  As Director of the Glen Ridge Library, its webmaster and social media manager, she oversees activities inside the building while serving as a member of the team responsible for transporting northern NJ library services beyond the walls of any of its buildings.

From your handheld device, you can search the collections of 74 libraries with lightning speed, order an item – book, CD, DVD, periodical, etc. – and pick it up a day or two later from the always knowledgeable, friendly staff at the Glen Ridge Library.  As an institution, the library has been a leader in adopting technology that opens up new worlds for all of its patrons, and NJ is ahead of the curve.  Visit to see what we mean.

As Jennifer explains, it’s not just about physical books.  Libraries have truly become learning centers.  The Glen Ridge Library offers Saturday morning computer classes, story hours, movie and musical events, not to mention eBooks, audiobooks, digital magazines, online language courses, and so much more.  Check out the library at  and visit often since new programs and events are added monthly.

Fall in love with the library as Jennifer did in high school when she took a job in her local library as a page – one page among so many pages (a little library joke).  These days you can offer yourself a university education through the library.  Visit the Glen Ridge Library and give your mind a treat.  Then take the shortest of walks over to Fitzgerald’s 1928 and do your body the same favor.

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  1. This is such a great example of how to collaborate with other community institutions…Go Jennifer Breuer and folks at the Glen Ridge PL…They already had an evening with Christina Baker Kline and Lisa Gornick is coming soon. Who doesn’t love this idea? Simply aces!

    Arlene Sahraie, Library Services Director
    Bergen County Cooperative Library System
    Visit us at

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