Fitzgerald’s 1928: Page, Book, Library, the World

Fitz Library

Glen Ridge is a town with distinctive buildings.  Within 50 yards of Fitzgerald’s 1928 – a restaurant with its cornerstone in its name – stands the library. The two buildings have this in common:  they are community meeting places dedicated to nourishing us.

Consider this: if you have a book club, the Glen Ridge Library will collect as many copies of your chosen book as you need and Fitzgerald’s 1928 will host a special prix fixe dinner for your monthly meeting as long as each member shows up book in hand.

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Fitzgerald’s 1928: Food for Thought

Write Group Image

We all know some of the best things in life are free, but it’s rare to encounter an organization so completely dedicated to that idea. If you are a writer, or an aspiring writer, or just someone with a story to tell (which is everyone) and you don’t know about The Write Group of Montclair, don’t stop reading now.                  

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