Introducing the Fitzgerald’s 1928 Writers’ Bookshelf


What better way to introduce the Fitzgerald’s 1928 Writers’ Bookshelf than with a book that is itself an entire bookshelf?  Montclair resident Ron Kaplan is the author of 501 Baseball Books Fans Must Read Before They Die.

I’m a pretty avid baseball reader, but I couldn’t lay claim to more than 10% of the books he describes with wit and intelligence.  I hope that means a long life for me, because I’ll need it to get to the new stack of volumes on my must-read list after paging through his.      

The Fitzgerald’s 1928 Writers’ Bookshelf is a testament to the number of published authors who live in Glen Ridge and surrounding towns, and who often frequent the restaurant.   Ron Kaplan is the sports reporter for the weekly newspaper New Jersey Jewish News, plus he also writes the blog, Ron Kaplan’s Baseball Bookshelf.  In each of these formats he offers readers a combination of humor, substance, and a clear love of the game.

His book is now part of the collection in the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, which, in baseball terms, confers immortality.  Not a bad way to start our bookshelf.

The book:

The blog:

As Ron writes:  “A Major League Baseball season is like a good book. It opens with an inviting scene from Spring Training or Opening Day. It grips you throughout and all but catches on fire from burning through the pages…”

Fitzgerald’s 1928.  It’s a Neighborhood Place and it’s a good read.

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